Hemakuta Hill Temples  

  Hampi , Karnataka.

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The Hemakuta group of temples is a cluster of ancient temples situated on the Hemakuta hill in Hampi. The Hemakuta hill is located in the southern side of the Hampi village and the hilltop is dotted with a large number of temples. Hemakuta Hill is one among the best places in Hampi to see the sunrise and sunset. According to mythology, Lord Shiva did penance on the Hemakuta Hill before he married Parvati. This was also the place where Lord Shiva burnt Kama, the God of lust. This sacred hill lies to the proper right of the Virupaksha temple.

The temples on the Hemakuta Hill are among the oldest cluster of shrines in Hampi. The Hemakuta Hill, as well as the group of temples situated on the hilltop, are popular destinations for the tourists on the Hampi trail. On the hill are a large group of temples built in pre- Vijayanagara and Vijayanagara periods. According to the inscription found on the second of these temples, the temple was built in 1309-1310 A.D. Two temples, facing north, have a compact three-celled plan with an antechamber, a pillared hall, and an entrance porch. Their beauty is enhanced by the well balanced but simple Shikhara or spires above the sanctum. These shikaras are different from the other shikaras found in Hampi. They are stepped pyramidal in shape, resembling the Shikaras of Jain temples. Hence these temples are also mistakenly called as Jain temples.  The temples all look like Jain Temples mainly due to their beautiful architecture of typical Jain Temples but most of these are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu or Lord Ganesha. As you go further, you find a beautiful and which is now dry but the group of temples around, especially the Veerupaksha Temple complex is extensive and beautiful. 

Once you reach the top of the Hemakuta hill, you will find temples here and there and some in total ruins.  Some of the temples have sunk partially in to the ground and the renovations to the temples are underway conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India to lift them up. There had been a lot of wear and tear to the temples because of they being one of the oldest in the kingdom. There is a small pond on the hill formed by rainwater and the water flows between a small divide between the huge rock. And three small Siva Lingas are carved on the floor of the rock on a single base. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple Siva shrines on the hill and the architecture of the temples is outstanding. You can identify a Siva temple very easily seeing the pillars of the temple and the superstructure.

The superstructure will always be stepped pyramid type and the walls are carved with a simple design. The pillars of a Siva temple are generally square blocks and multiple individual parts arranged one on the other to form a pillar. They are never carved out of a single stone. There will be round plates in between the square blocks. There will be ideally four pillars before the inner sanctum of a small shrine and the floor enclosing the four pillars will be carved round and a square will be carved on the ceiling will exquisite designs inside it. There will be a small elevated platform inside the inner sanctum where the idol or the Siva Linga would be sitting.


  • This is the highest point among the ruins of Hampi from wherein one can see the whole of Hampi.
  • There is a sunset point here which offers splendid views of the nearby terrain. It is also called sunset point so visiting in the evening or early mornings are the better option.
  • There is some Hill climbing involved. Hence it is advisable for people with knee problems and older peoples to be prepared for the same.
  • There are multiple ways to climb this Hill but the famous one and easy to climb this hill from Sasivekalu Ganesha & getting down towards Virupaksha Temple.

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Last Admission Open daily 24 Hours 365 Days.

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