Things you need to know before renting a bike

If you’re planning on renting a bike for a day, a year, or even a couple of hours, there are a few things you should know first. 

  • When you are in India, make sure you only hire bikes with a yellow colored registration number on a number plate with a black background. never hire Bike with a white background with black text. in India white background and black text number plate vehicles are for not private use– they are not supposed to be used for commercial purposes like rental Service. International Driving Licenses (IDL) also known as International Drivers Permit (IDP) is mandatory for foreigners who want to hire or drive bike in India.
  • Before renting a Bike make sure you are renting a Bike with Fuel or without Fuel. some Bike renting companies charge fuel extra and some will include in the price. som Bike renting agencies will be given with a full tank and has to be returned with a full tank of fuel. It is very important to read the privacy policies and rules and regulations before renting a Bike as an unexpected situation can really make you worry a lot. Also, read the rules and regulations and payment modes so that does not get confusing at a later stage. last but not least It is very important to choose a company that is reliable.
  • Always choose a comfortable bike depends upon the distance that you travel. 
  • No one will make you aware of the condition of the rental bikes, as the rental service providers are there for the purpose of earning. Take the bike for a test run of 100-200m before you finalize on one. Several bikes are old and not in great condition. You don’t have to do a complete mechanical check but at least check the essentials. You must check the condition like Check all oil levels, brakes, horn, headlights and taillights, the rear-view mirrors,  etc of the vehicle you’re renting prior to finalizing the deal. 
  • Ensure you have the dealer’s contact information: Before you leave, ensure you have your bike dealer’s mobile/contact number so that you can call him if you run into trouble
  • If there are any scratches or damages to the bike before you rent it, take pictures of it before you begin your ride. That way, while returning your bike, you cannot be charged for damages that you are not responsible for.
  • Some credit cards offer auto insurance. If you happen to have one of these cards, you can forgo the insurance offered by the rental place, also saving you a bit of money.
  • You may check online on various websites and ask to share pictures. Followed by teleconference to reduce the chances of a bad experience. Try using a comparison site to find the best rates all in one place.
  •  If you fail to return the Bike on time Bike renting Agencies will charge you Lot of Extra money in the name of fine to Avoid this Make your reservation for longer than you anticipate needing the Bike. 1 Hr or 3) Min is ideal.

What documents do I need to rent a bike 

  • License: You will need a valid two-wheeler license which you would need to submit to the bike dealer when you rent the bike. You can keep a copy with you while you drive.
  • Bike documents: Make sure you ask for all bike documents before you take over the two-wheeler. 


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