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Visiting Kerala this weekend you must know these words in Malayalam

Things to Know

Kerala's landscape consists of some of the most tranquil palm-lined beaches, backwaters, fresh springs, waterfalls, plantation covered hills and forests which altogether makes as best tourist place which you should visit at least once in a lifetime. Malayalam is the spoken language in every household in Kerala, whatever the religion. That said, in Kerala, it is compulsory to study Hindi and English at least until high school days.  many of Keralites speak English and Hindi fluently. Most of the people below 35 years of age will be able to converse with you in English, others will know fragments of language, which will get you anywhere you want to go. People are really helpful, so they will try really hard to give you information even with limited English knowledge. You don't need to know any Malayalam words particularly if you want to be in Kerala. That said, Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language can help you. A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language goes a long way. 

Here are some basic words that can help you while in Kerala.

  • Hello = Namaskaram / namasthe 
  • bye =  Poyivaraam
  • Welcome = swagatam
  • How are you? = Sukhamaano?
  • I am fine = Enikku sukhamaanu
  • Glad to meet you =  Kandathil santhosham
  • Thank you = Nanni
  • Thanks a lot = Valare upakaram
  • Please = Dayavaai
  • Sorry = Kshamikkanam
  • Elder brother = Chetta or Anna
  • Good morning = Suprabhaatham
  • Good night = Shubha raathri.
  • What is your name? = Ninte perenthaanu?
  • My name is = Ente paeru XYZ aanu
  • Where is this? = Ithu yev-ada?
  • Congratulations! = Abhinandanangal!
  • Help! = Sahaayikkoo!
  • I'm a vegetarian. = Njan Sasyabhojiyaa or sasyabhukku aanu.
  • Temple = Ambalam
  • Church = Palli.
  • Mosque = palli or muslim palli

Short Dialogues

  • Do you speak English? = Ningal English Samsaarikkumo 
  • Is there someone here who speaks English? = Ivide English samsaarikkan ariyunnavar aarenkilum undo ? / English ariyunnavar aarenkilum undo?
  • I can't speak Malayalam = Enikku 'Malayalam' samsaarikkan ariyilla or Malayalam ariyilla.
  • I did not understand. = Kshamikkanam Enikku manassilaayilla or manassilaayilla
  • How much is this? = Ithinu entha villa?
  • I am hungry = Enikku vishakunnu
  • Have you had breakfast? = Kappikalu kudicha?
  • Where is the Bathroom? = Kulimuri Evideyaanu?
  • Where can I get some water? = Enikku alpam vellam evide kittum?
  • Can I use your phone?  = Njaan ningalude phone upayogichotte
  • Don't you understand what I am saying? = Ningalkku njan paranjathu manasilakunnille?
  • I want to rent a car.  = Eniku oru CAR vadakakku edukkanam
  • How much is a ticket to XYZ? = Ethra rupayanu XYZ-lekku ulla ticket-inu?
  • Where does this train/bus go?  = Engottanu ee bus/train pokunnathu?
  • Where are you taking me? = Ningal enne engottanu kondu-pokunnathu
  • I haven't done anything wrong. = Njan thettonnum cheythittilla
  • How do I get to XYZ = Engene enikku XYZ etham?
  • How do I get to hotels? = Evideyaanu dhaaralam hotelukal ullathu?
  • How do I get to restaurants? = Evideyaanu dhaaralam bhakshna-shalakal ullathu?
  • Can you show me on the map?  = Enikku map-il onnu kaanichu tharaamo?
  • Do you have any rooms available? = Ivide muri ozhivindo?
  • How much is a room for one person/two people? =  Onno/rendo perkkulla muri vaadeka ethra aanu?
  • Do you accept American dollars?  = Ningal american dollars edukumo?
  • Do you accept credit cards? = Credit card swekarikumo
  • Do you have a menu? = Menu undo?
  • I like sweets =Eniku mittaay ishtamaanu
  • Spicy food = Erivulla bhakshanam
  • I don't eat pork. = Njan panni kazhikilla
  • I don't eat beef. = Njan pothirachi thinnilla/kazhikkilla
  • I'm going to church for attending the holy mass = 'njan kurbana kudan pallil pokunnu'


  • Vegetables = Pachakari
  • Chicken meat =  Kozhiyirachi
  • Mutton = Aatirachi
  • Pork = Panniyirachi
  • Chicken =  Kozhi
  • Pothirachi = Beef
  • Meat = Irachi
  • Fish =  Meen

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