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What is Green Leaf and Olive Leaf classified Ayurveda centers in Kerala


Kerala apart from being known for its scenic beauty, rich heritage, spices, tea, coffee, and rubber is also known for its Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been known for its numerous benefits that it provides. It is known to provide good health and peace of mind to the users. This has helped it to become a hotbed for medical tourism for the Indians and foreigners as well. 'AYURVEDA' 5000-year-old medical science of India evolved from the strong cultural and philosophical background. In ancient India, all Knowledge's available at that time were compiled in 'Vedas'. Vedas are known as the oldest scripts of knowledge. 

The Ayurvedic practitioners in Kerala are well experienced and have a deep knowledge of the various Yoga principles thereby providing you with the best ayurvedic massages and yoga courses. One of the best things about these is that you do not need to worry about any ill effects. Oil massage is an inherent part of Ayurvedic massage treatments. In the Ayurvedic massage, the recipients are not only induced into a relaxed state of mind during the massage, but they also experience an improvement in their sleep patterns and a general sense of wellbeing. Ayurvedic massage should be done daily to help keep away the effects of everyday stresses and strains that we have on our minds and bodies.

Kerala Tourism Department (owned and managed by Government of Kerala) has broadly classified Ayurvedic centers under two accreditations; namely,

  1. Olive Leaf Accreditation.
  2. Green Leaf Accreditation.

The objective of this classification is to assist inbound travelers in knowing the ingredients of various Ayurvedic treatments and also to streamline the industry's offering to comply with a set of common regulations. Otherwise, individual centers follow their own processes and methods. The centers will be classified into Green Leaf and Olive Leaf categories based on quality standards maintained by the Ayurveda center as prescribed below.

1) Criteria for Olive Leaf Certificate

For obtaining the Olive Leaf Certificate, Ayurveda centers should observe the following criteria.

        A) Technical Personnel:

  • The treatments/therapies should be done only under the supervision of a qualified physician with a recognized degree in Ayurveda.
  • There should be at least two numbers of masseurs (one male and one female) having sufficient training from recognized Ayurveda institutions by the Government.
  • Following the Kerala tradition, the male will be massaged only by male masseurs and female by female masseurs.

        B) Quality of Medicine and Health program:-

  • The center will offer only those programs, which are approved by the approval committee.
  • The Health programs offered at the center should be clearly exhibited. The center should also exhibit the time taken for normal massage and other treatments. The generally approved time limit for a message is 45 minutes.
  • The medicine used should be from an approved and reputed firm. These medicines should be labeled and exhibited at the center.

        C) Equipment: - The Centre should have at least the following equipment.

  • One massage table of minimum size 7 feet x 3 feet in each treatment room, made up of good quality wood/fiberglass.
  • Gas or electric stove.
  • Medicated hot water facility for bathing and other purposes
  • Facilities for sterilization.
  • Every equipment and apparatus should be clean and hygienic.

        D) Facilities: 

  • Minimum two numbers of treatment rooms (one for males and one for females) having a minimum size of 100 sq.ft with width not less than 8 feet. The rooms should have sufficient ventilation and it should be with the attached bathroom of size not less than 20 sq.ft. The toilets should have proper sanitary fittings and floors and walls should be finished with proper tiles.
  •  One consultation room having a minimum size of 100 sq.ft with a width of not less than 8 feet. The room should be equipped with equipment such as BP apparatus, stethoscope, examination couch, weighing machine, etc.
  • There should be a separate resting room of minimum size 100 sq.ft with width, not less than 8 feet if the center is not attached with a hotel/resort/hospital.
  • The general construction of the building should be good. Locality and ambiance, including accessibility, should be suitable. Furnishing of rooms should be of good quality. The entire building, including the surrounding premises, should be kept clean and hygienic. 

2) Criteria for Green Leaf Certificate

The basic facilities required for Green Leaf Certificate is the same as Olive Leaf. In addition to the requirements for Olive Leaf, the following additional facilities also are essential to get Green Leaf Certificate.

  • The general construction, architectural features, etc of the building should be of a very high standard. The furnishing curtains, fittings, etc should be with superior quality materials.
  • There should be adequate parking space on the premises.
  • The bathroom should have facilities for a steam bath.

The following are additional desirable conditions to get Green Leaf Certificate.

  • There should be a separate hall for meditation/yoga.
  • The centers should be at picturesque locations with greenery in abundance and quiet atmosphere.
  • There should be an herbal garden attached to the center.

Team ExploreBees


Jul 2024

We are an Ayurvedic Treatment and resort based in Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala. We are an Ashram as well as a Charitable society. We now whish to establish ourselves as a Green or Olive LEAF organisation.

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