How to resize and reduce photo and signature for online forms

While filling online forms getting the photo to less than 20kb & ONLY in jpeg, most painful one. if you know the trick to reduce or resize the photo it will be a cakewalk for you else it's very hard and painful to you to reduce the size from 5Mb to 20Kb. there some of the tricks which will help you to reduce photo size from 5Mb to 20kb without losing quality. 

Use free Online Image compression websites like toolur or jpeg-optimizer or compressjpeg or simple image resizer you can even adjust the level of compression you’d like to get which cannot be done directly. if you want to compress PNG format images without hurting background use compresspng.


in Your, Mobile go to the gallery, select the photo, zoom it out (pinch the display) so it gets smaller, then screenshot and crop it.


If You have a PC, open the image in Paint, then find resizes tool on top of the menu, click it select the resize by percentage or pixel, it's done!


Send the images on WhatsApp to someone. What WhatsApp does is compress the images to a lower size and stores a copy in the 'WhatsApp Sent' folder in your mobile device (open Internal Storage and Find Whatsapp folder -> Media -> Whatsapp Images. Inside that folder, you can find the “Sent” folder. Inside that there’s a file called .nomedia. If u delete that file, your gallery will show those images automatically. 


  • Neil Zepeda
    Neil Zepeda
    11 Oct 2021

    The most difficult part of filling out online forms is getting the photo to be less than 20kb and only in jpeg.

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