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Adiyogi Light show: A Spectacular Experience at Isha Foundation

Things to Know

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a giant statue of a yogi come alive with light and sound? If you are looking for a mesmerizing and inspiring experience, you should visit the Isha Foundation Chikballapura and witness the Adiyogi Lightshow. In this blog, I will tell you more about this show and why it is a must-see for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of human potential.

One of the most amazing things to witness at Isha Foundation is the Adiyogi Lightshow, also known as Adiyogi Divya Darshanam. This is a 14-minute video imaging show projected on the 112-foot Adiyogi statue, which is the world's largest bust sculpture according to the Guinness World Records.

The show depicts Adiyogi's contribution to humanity, as he expounded 112 ways for human beings to transcend their limitations and reach their ultimate potential. The show is accompanied by a narration by Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation, who explains the significance of Adiyogi and his teachings.

The show is a visual treat, as the statue comes alive with various colors, patterns and images that illustrate the different aspects of Adiyogi. The music composed by Sounds of Isha further enhances the show, creating a powerful and immersive atmosphere.

The show happens every day at 7 PM at Isha Foundation Chikballapura, near Nandi Hills. It is open to all visitors who can take part in the many offerings and processes available at the Yogeshwar Linga and Naga shrine before or after the show.

The show is a unique opportunity to connect with Adiyogi, who is here to liberate us from disease, discomfort, poverty and the very process of life and death. As Sadhguru says, "Adiyogi is a reminder for humanity to shift from religion to responsibility."

The Adiyogi Lightshow is a spectacular display of art, technology and spirituality that celebrates the legacy of Adiyogi, the first yogi and guru. It is a rare chance to get a glimpse of his wisdom and grace, and to feel his presence in our lives. If you are interested in learning more about Adiyogi and his 112 ways of transformation, you can visit the Isha Foundation website or download the Sadhguru app. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and I encourage you to visit the Isha Foundation Chikballapura and experience the Adiyogi Lightshow for yourself.

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Mar 2024

Wow, what an incredible experience it must be to witness the Adiyogi Lightshow at the Isha Foundation Chikballapura! This blog beautifully captures the essence of this mesmerizing event, inviting readers to explore the realms of human potential. The description of the giant statue of the yogi coming alive with light and sound is truly captivating. It's evident that the Adiyogi Lightshow is not just a spectacle, but an opportunity for inspiration and awe. This blog does a fantastic job of conveying the significance of this must-see experience.

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