46th Annual Cake Show Bangalore 2020

Venue: St Joseph’s Indian High School Ground, (Opp. UB City / Kanteerava Stadium) D' Souza Layout, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001.

Directions to the Venue: https://goo.gl/maps/Lf4vpDszGisVRKAo7

Timings: 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Entry Fee: 90 Rs 

The annual cake show exhibition Bangalore of 2020 - 2021 Organized by National Consumer fair and Sugar Sculpt, Bengaluru. began on 18th  December 2020 and will end on 03rd January 2021. Every year the cake show exhibition takes place around December and it continues till January.  The cake show has been organized at Saint Joseph's Indian High School in Bengaluru. You will be many different and amazing cake models showcasing.

The team of sugar Sculpt Academy has worked hard for  4 months to finish this one of a kind sugar structures like Corona Virus, Lion King’s Pride Rock, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Carousel of London, Lord Nataraja, Golden Dragon, Fairy Land, Geode Chandelier, The Dancing Clown, Centaur the Forest Spirit, Baby Pram, Mike Wazowski, Bride in Black, White Wedding Cake, Doraemon – The Music Lover, The Book of J.K. Rowling, Butterfly Wedding Cake, Pinnacle of Lord Ganesha, Tom and Jerry, Lightning Mcqueen, Birth of Jesus Christ and the Magnificent Eiffel Tower. All these cake models were made with complete intricacy and attention to detail. The visitors were seen highly impressed by the detailing of the cakes. The main ambition of the cake show is to showcase different incredible cake model made up of the cake. Students take part in cake shoe exhibition to express their talent and arts of baking cake models in different unique ways.

History Of Cake Show Exhibition Bangalore:

The history of cake show exhibition in Bangalore start in Nilgiris Department Store on Brigade Road in 1970. The cake show was started by Ramachandran C in 1970. The first cake model was the Eiffel tower which was made by a non-other then Ramachandran C by himself as he was inspired by Sugar Model in Europe (Belgium and West Germany). Ramachandran C tried the same thing like sugar model in Europe and came up with this cake show in Bangalore. Initially, the cake show was held on Brigade road Bangalore. Later on, it got shifted to St. Joseph's High School's ground which is in UB city. With each passing year, the Annual cake show exhibition is getting bigger and bigger. 

The cake show planning began before 2 to 3 months ahead so that they can prepare well and beautiful cake models. Every year there used to be on the centerpiece of the cake model and other 15 to 20 other cake models. Each year around 2.5 to 3 lakh people gather on St. Joseph school grounds to witness the cake show which includes local people, people from around the city and even foreign join the cake show exhibition Bangalore. The cake at the exhibition cannot be eaten at the end of the cake show the cakes are destroyed largely by decomposition. As the cake cannot be eaten due to dust that would have gathered during the annual cake show exhibition.


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