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    100 INR

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    100 INR

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 Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysore is one of the most attractive heritage houses. It is not only one of India's most opulent hotels but also one of the most luxurious ones as well. The Lalitha Mahal Palace situated about 11km from the royal city Mysore city Located at the panoramic garden below the Chamundi Hills, Lalitha Mahal Palace happens to be the second-largest palace in Mysore only to the Ambavilas palace popularly called the Mysore Palace. the exquisite Lalitha Mahal Palace was constructed in the year 1921, by the then Maharaja of Mysore to host the stay of the then Viceroy of India of back then. Later this palace was used for hosting other royal guests and special visitors to the royal family. Lalitha Mahal Palace was planned by a popular architecture from the then Bombay E.W. Fritchley and was built by B Munivenkatappa. Known to be inspired the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the palace has a Renaissance style of architecture. Some of it takes the cue from Italian Palazzos and English manor houses.  this palace was built with a cost of around 13 lakhs then. This two-storied palace also presents a magnificent view of the hills around. The Lalitha Mahal Palace has been painted in wholesome white color and gives an extremely elegant posture. In 1974, Lalitha Mahal Palace was however converted into a Hotel.  It was run as a part of the Ashok Group of the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) under the Government of India until 2018 when it was transferred to a unit of the Government of Karnataka.

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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