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Where do you get the best dosa in Bangalore?

Bengaluru can’t be complete without dosa. Golden crispy dosas with a delicious aloo filling is just food for the soul. And we know what a good dosa can do to completely turn around our Monday blues. So here are the 10 best Dosa places in Bangalore where you can enjoy scrumptious, golden crispy dosas which come in various varieties and amazing pocket-friendly rates.

Any waterfall near Dharmasthala temple within 20 km?

In 2019, a torrential monsoon had drenched Karnataka and left every dam full and many rivers in spate. Water rushed down the slopes of the Western Ghats and restored well-known and little-known waterfalls to their absolute glory. It was also the year I spent exploring and discovering many such little-known treasures. While on a weekend road-trip to visit the temples of Kukke Subramanya and Dharmasthala in the Western Ghats, I learnt that there were two lesser-explored waterfalls on the lower slopes of Charmadi Ghats – Ermayi and Didupe Falls. Being September, the rains had subsided, but the water level was likely to be still good, so I decided to visit the two waterfalls.

After lunch at the Dharmasthala temple, I drove to Ujire, and from there, to the Ermayi Falls road about 17 km away. On the way, higher up in the mountains at a distance, another glistening gem of Charmady Ghats, Bandaje Arbi Falls, could be seen.

When to visit Turahalli Forest?

If you’re looking for some fresh air, the gorgeous Turahalli Forest is just what you need. Located 20 kilometres outside of the city, it’s a favourite of nature lovers and folks who like to climb and trek. Considered to be Namma Bengaluru’s only surviving forest, this stretch of greenery is a great spot to enjoy glimpses of the sunset. We suggest taking a walk up to the viewpoint to enjoy the landscape of Bangalore and its surrounding greenery.

Where to do Shopping in bengaluru?

Sankey Tank in Malleshwaram has known to have magical powers, everyone who seems to go there (sometimes brooding) suddenly cheer up. Any weekend during the late evening hours, take a walk around the lake and watch the sun sink into the horizon. The sight of birds chirping and ducks swimming along the muddy paths will soothe your soul. Feel free to relax on benches all around the lake and go get some authentic South-Indian snacks at some iconic spots in the vicinity (we’re getting hungry already).

Can anyone suggest best place to see sunset in bengaluru?

Whether you’re a nature lover or die-hard romantic, sunsets make for memorable moments. Nothing quite like watching the sun sinking into the horizon, as the yellow and gold hue engulfs the whole city. Luckily, Bangalore still has enough place to watch the sun going to bed. Lakes, hills and gardens are found by the plenty, so we suggest getting your friends together or even that girl you’re trying to woo and head off into the sunset (literally!). Here's our pick of the best sunset spots in the city

Is photoshoot allowed in Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bengaluru?

We are planning to do a prewedding photoshoot in Lalbagh. Is photoshoot allowed in Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bengaluru?

Bengaluru Lalbagh