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Revi karunakaran museum is located on the National Highway – 47 that passes through the city of Alappuzha.  It is located quite close to the powerhouse bridge.  This museum has been established by putting the items of antique and artistic values that were collected by Rev Karuna Karan during his lifetime. Karuna Karan was a renowned personality in the coir industry, but the collection of the antique and rare items was his passion. While strolling down the alleys of the museum, one wonders how difficult it is to take the gaze off the collector’s items of remarkable artistic value.  The range of rare crystal wares in the museum is unmatchable and the craft behind it is bound to elicit a sigh of awe from the onlookers.  The collection of ivory, which is a mark of royalty, also draws the same amount of respect, if not more.  The beauty of such value impresses on the memories that donot wither away in a lifetime.  The collection of the crystal and ivory items is virtually unparalleled not only in numbers but also in appeal.  Among the displayed items in the museum, one would, without doubt, get amazed at the range of crystal wares, especially those from the world renowned Swarovsky. The world of ivory always has a tag of royalty and grandeur attached to it. The collection of works in ivory at the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum is indeed an impressive one. The ivory and crystal collections at the museum are one of the largest of its kind. And for those, who admire paintings, the museum houses a good collection of them, especially that of renowned Tanjore paintings. Among the displayed items, a 200 sq. ft. mural is bound to catch the attention of one and all. This mural, depicting the social and cultural heritage of India was created by using only vegetable dyes, and took about 4160 man-hours for its completion. The museum also has a space dedicated for d'cor and architectural marvels called 'Kerala Room'. With about 3,800 pieces on display, the museum also has for its visitors an array of other artistic objects, especially those in porcelain, antique furniture etc. A 1946 model 'Buick Super' owned by Mr. Revi Karuna Karan's father is another major attraction.

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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