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  • 1 - 2 Hours

  • Bird spotting

  • Childrens play area

  • Photographer

  • Restroom

  • Staircase

  • Sitting area

  • Baby friendly

  • Couple Friendly

  • Souvenir shop

  • Drinking Water

  • First aid kit

  • Snacks counter

  • Cctv

  • Security guard

  • Dustbin


  • Adult
    05 INR

  • Children

  • Foreigner
    05 INR

  • Mobile Camera

  • Still Camera

  • Video Camera


Raja’s Seat-View Place in Karnataka is considered to be one of the best scenic locations in south India and a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Raja’s Seat View which means the “Seat of Kings”, Earlier it was the platform from which the kings of Kodagu used to enjoy glorious sunsets. The spot got its name as it was the favorite recreational place for the kings. Now, it has become a well-known destination of Madikeri that is visited by tourists throughout the year. It offers a scenic view of the green valley below. The greatest attraction here is the breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset amidst the far-stretching blue mountains. This is a beautiful garden of seasonal flowers and a fountain, overlooking a deep valley and meandering roads. In the yesteryears, the Rajas of Kodagu spent their evenings at this vantage point watching spectacular sunsets beyond the western ghats. The flower shows held at the garden are very famous and have converted the place into a bustling tourist spot. The structure put up by Raja’s are still intact but the general public is not allowed to access it. The Karnataka government has developed a garden around the Raja’s Seat. The place along with a wonderful park has a Gandhi Mantap to its left. The Gandhi Mantap is the place where remains of Mahatma Gandhi have been kept. The spot attracts a lot of tourists and morning walkers. For the nature lover, the ideal time to visit the spot is in the morning when the first rays of the sun pierce through the mist covered valley. The district administration has put up a toy train near the Raja’s Seat which attracts children. The toy train which goes around Raja seat attracts not just children but adults as well. Inside the train, along with having a look at the beauty around, one can also enjoy delicious snacks.

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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overcast clouds

  • Sunrise

  • Sunset

  • Minimum temperature
    18.92° C

  • Maximum temperature
    18.92° C

  • Humidity
    94 %

  • Pressure
    1010 hPa

  • Windspeed
    1.2 m/s² Calm

  • Wind Direction
    199 SSW South-southwest

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