Common reasons for Rejection of Documents

Documentation has to be fulfilled to become a supplier with ExploreBees. No commercial relationship with EVHO Entertainments Ltd. is possible without legal documents. Please find the list of documents required as per the Business entity for becoming a supplier with ExploreBees.


Document incomplete

  • Part or all of the information is censored/cut out of the document
  • The document was not entirely submitted (missing pages, scan/picture not centered)
  • The document is not signed and/or dated
  • The document is not filled correctly
  • The document is empty
  • An integral part of the document is unreadable (dark or blurry document)
  • The scan or picture is of bad quality
  • The document is in a language not supported.

Document does not match user data

  • The submitted document is not from the person whose data is in the system (also possible for instance, a different identity, typo, inverted name, special characters, space in the name, etc.
  • ncorrect information has been edited before the verification of the documents
  • The document is not the one required or has been submitted in the incorrect category.
  • The document has been verified as falsified by our operator.
  • The document is not up-to-date
  • Any document with photo issued by govt.

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