Explore the Best of Chikmagalur

Discover the beauty of Chikmagalur with our guide to the top 10 must-visit destinations. From towering peaks to cascading waterfalls and lush coffee plantations, Chikmagalur offers a memorable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.


Towering majestically as the highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys. Adventure enthusiasts can embark on an exhilarating trek to conquer its summit and behold the breathtaking views.

Chandradrona Hills

Capture breathtaking sunrise and sunset vistas atop Chandradrona Hills, a photographer's paradise in Chikamagaluru.

Hirekolale Lake

Immerse yourself in serenity by the tranquil waters of Hirekolale Lake, nestled amidst lush forests and tea estates.

Hebbe Waterfalls

Discover nature's cascade at Hebbe Waterfalls, where pristine waters tumble down 168 meters amidst dense forests and coffee plantations.


Retreat to the charming hill station of Kemmangundi, blessed with salubrious weather, verdant landscapes, and cascading waterfalls.

Z Point

Lose yourself in awe-inspiring views from Z Point, a scenic vantage point amidst the Kemmangundi hills.

Manikya Dhara Falls

Rejuvenate your soul amidst nature's bounty at Manikya Dhara Falls, where crystal-clear waters cascade down rugged cliffs amidst lush greenery.

Deviramma Temple

Discover spiritual tranquility at Deviramma Temple, a revered shrine nestled amidst the serene surroundings of Baba Budangiri Hills.

Jarri Falls

Surrender to nature's symphony at jari Falls, where the melody of cascading water harmonizes with the rustle of leaves and chirping of birds.

Kodige Falls

Uncover the hidden gem of Kodige Falls, a secluded cascade surrounded by dense forests and rocky cliffs in Chikamagaluru.