Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Go to the user registration page.
  • Enter your first name, last name, email id, mobile phone number and password.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number. Click on the email verification link received on your registered email address for verification and enter OTP received on your mobile No to verify your mobile number.

If you're having a problem in creating a ExploreBees user account:

To let us know about the problem you're experiencing while creating an ExploreBees user account, you can contact us.

Yes, we think everyone has enough passwords to remember without being forced to add another one to their collection! So, it’s mandatory to register in ExploreBees to purchase any tickets.

It’s important for us to continue to find ways to make sure only real, human fans can access tickets. Asking you for a phone number is an extra layer of verification that helps us fight and combat abuse.

You can request a new code from the verification screen. If you’ve tried multiple times and still have not received the text message, we recommend contacting our customer care for more help we are happy to help you.

We recommend refreshing your screen and try again. Or, if you still cannot move forward, reach back out to us for additional assistance we recommend contacting our customer care for more help we are happy to help you.

Due to security reasons, we don't allow updating / changing of email ID or Mobile Number associated with your account. if you want to update mobile number or email id you should contact ExploreBees Representative they will help you.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Absolutely not. We do not share your personal information.


No. it's mandatory to take a printout of the ticket. You can simply show your Mobile Voucher (e-ticket) on your personal mobile device (smartphone or tablet) in ExploreBees app or website. Or you can show booking conformation e-mail or SMS to gain access. Mobile vouchers can be stored or forwarded to others. Another reason is that mobile vouchers are environmentally friendly and save printed paper!

A copy of the ticket would have been sent to you by e-mail and SMS when you booked it. If you have not received the ticket e-mail or SMS kindly check the spam folder, or check MY-bookings in the dashboard. or you can contact us will re-send you a copy by mail.

First, don't worry.  Your confirmation email won't be far away.

If you have waited more than a few minutes and still haven't received the email then please follow our checklist:

If you are logged into your account but your bookings are not shown, you are probably logged into a different account than the account you used when ordering your tickets.  When accessing your tickets, please login with the account you used when purchasing your tickets.  If you forgot which account you used to purchase your tickets, please check the order confirmation email. If you still cannot move forward, reach back out to us for additional assistance we recommend contacting our customer care for more help we are happy to help you.

ExploreBees offers an easy-to-use, paperless ticket service. After you have ordered your ticket, your ticket will be saved in the ExploreBees account u can access tickets from ExploreBees app or website. On the day of the event, you will only need to show your ticket on the ExploreBees app or website. You can also show confirmation email or SMS to gain access. to access your ticket any time

To access your booking(s) any time fallow below mentioned steps:

  1. Login to your ExploreBees account.
  2. Open dashboard by selecting the dashboard option from the top menu.
  3. Click on active bookings under my bookings section from the dashboard page.

If you forgot which account you used to purchase your tickets, please check the order confirmation email:

To order ticket from kindly follow the steps  mentioned below:

  •  Search for the listing which you would like to book the Tickets.
  • Select the type of ticket (if available) select the dates, timings (if available) and the quantity you would like to purchase, click on buy now button
  • If you are already logged in then your first name, last name, email id, and mobile number will be prefilled. If you want to change the details you can edit by clicking the fields. (Ensure your email address and mobile number are accurate. This is the address where the order confirmation email will be sent.) If you are not logged in yet kindly login. If you are using ExploreBees for the first time to purchase a ticket, you will need to create a new ExploreBees account.
  • Verify the details such as ticket type, date, timings, quantity and click on the pay now button. Enter your credit or Debit card, net banking, paytm or UPI details for the payment.
  • After your purchase has been completed, your booking confirmation screen will appear. you will also receive the confirmation email and SMS.

 To create an account, please click "Register". Fill in a first name, last name, your email address, mobile number, and a password to create an ExploreBees account. After registration is completed, you can use this account to login and book your tickets.


The payment methods that can be used for the purchase of a ticket are Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Paytm and UPI.

We recommend that you use the latest version of your browser when purchasing tickets. If you are experiencing problems purchasing your tickets, please check if you are using the latest version of your internet browser. If you are using an outdated version of your browser, it is possible that the ExploreBees website will not work properly. Therefore, please update your browser to the latest version. If you still feel Trouble purchasing a ticket kindly contact our customer support team we are happy to help you.

After your booking has successfully completed, an booking confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. In some cases, there can be a short delay (+ 1 hour) until you receive the confirmation email. Also, please check your spam folder in case you didn't receive the order confirmation email.

In case you didn't receive the order confirmation email, please check if your order is shown in your account kindly check your my booking section in ExploreBees Dashboard.

The ExploreBees confirmation email and SMS will be sent to the email and mobile number you supplied during your booking. If you haven’t received an email confirmation please check the email that you have registered with us is the correct email address. Please also check your junk or spam folder to ensure that your email provider hasn’t misfiled the email. Also, you can check active booking under my bookings section in the dashboard.

If this happens, just take a deep breath and try again. If your booking falls in the middle of a payment process, we’ll let you know if you get slapped with any erroneous charges.

What happens when my ticket doesn't work?

Luckily we have a 99.9% success rate. But sometimes this rarely happens. However, if something goes wrong we will do our best to help you swiftly find a proper solution. u can contact us we are ready to help you. 

You can contact us anytime to report in order to find an amicable solution.


Unless specified by the organizer ID card is not mandatory to carry.

Luckily, the name on the ticket isn’t important. When you’re at a place, the only thing that gets verified is the barcode or booking id. Here are two examples of why the name on the ticket isn’t important:

Example 1: When someone buys multiple tickets, his or her name is printed on not only his ticket but all the tickets in the order. If this original purchaser is unable to go, the other tickets with his or her name on it are still valid and their friends will still be able to enter the event. ??

Example 2: When someone buys a ticket as a gift for someone, these tickets will have the original purchaser’s name on it, but the ticket will still be valid to use. In both cases and with sales on ExploreBees, the name on the ticket does not matter. However, if the organizer wants to verify the booking he may verify by calling the ticket buyer.

Unfortunately, not all the emails are delivered due to different reasons or circumstances. However, it’s important for you to check whether your e-mail address was entered correctly or if the email ended up in your junk folder. Besides, you can always download your ticket(s) through our website/application. Just go to my bookings for a complete overview. 

Please contact us as soon as possible through mail or phone. We will help you as soon as possible. Don't worry, we'll definitely fix it.

No, the ticket will have the name which you provide while purchasing. We’re not able to change this for you. 

Please double check that you've entered your details correctly and try again. If your purchase still can't be completed, please try a different payment method or contact your bank. Feel free to email our customer service team if you have any questions about making a payment with ExploreBees.

It is not possible to pay on arrival. The payment process must be completed on either our website or app.

After you confirm a booking, you will receive the following  information:

  • Booking name.
  • Booking date.
  • Booking ID
  • Address.
  • Organizer E-mail address.
  • Organizer Phone number.

We do not allow our customers to give out personal information such as e-mail addresses or phone numbers in message threads or in replies to Partners before a booking is confirmed. Once the booking is confirmed, you can contact the customer directly to get make final arrangements like hotel pick up on the day of the activity, etc.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you have purchased a ticket, but wish to make a change to your order (e.g. change date or time of your ticket, number of purchased tickets), please contact the organizer directly. Please note that it can be necessary to cancel your current order and re-purchase your desired tickets. Your ticket can only be canceled or changed if the organizer consents, so please first read the cancellation policy to find out if it is possible to cancel/change your tickets.

All of the tickets can be canceled online. However please note that the cancellation fee and cancellation period may differ for specific bookings. Please refer cancellation policy before canceling the bookings. Contact us for more information.

Steps to cancel the booking

  • Log in to ExploreBees account.
  • Go-to Dashboard.
  • Click on My bookings.
  • Select active bookings and click on the booking which you wanted to cancel.
  • Select the reason for cancellation and submit. 

After successful cancellation, you will receive cancellation email and SMS.

The refund is provided as per our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment (Example: debit card, credit card, net banking) or credited. Refunds can take 3-4 business days to appear in your account. However, some credit card companies have different processing times. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding refunds.

ExploreBees make sure this thing should not happen if it happened unexpectedly and If organizer decides to cancel the booking, the full price of your tickets will be refunded to the original source in 3 to 5 Business days.

If you have booked the incorrect time, date, or ticket type in error, please be advised that refunds and exchanges are generally only available where an activity has been canceled or rescheduled or where Consumer Law applies. Refund and Exchange requests are subject to conditions that are outlined in our Purchase Policy. It is for this reason that our systems confirm your purchase with you several times prior to the payment stage, and we always recommend checking your booking details very carefully before making payment.

Generally, ExploreBees allow organizers to set their own refund policies. ExploreBees cannot guarantee refunds or exchanges, except where an activity has been canceled or rescheduled by the organizers. Refund and Exchange requests are subject to conditions that are outlined in the booking page. Before requesting a refund, first, check the listing to see the refund policy.

You'll find information regarding your booking's cancellation policy on your voucher.

Your booking will either be fully refundable, partially refundable or non-refundable depending on the local partner's policy. All cancelable bookings will display a deadline for cancellation on the voucher.

Yes, we'll confirm your cancellation via email and SMS. Please check your spam folder and booking status if you don't receive instant confirmation. Your cancellation can also be viewed in the app or website by tapping on "canceled booking" under my bookings in the left corner of the "dashboard" screen.

Review and Ratings

We let the organizer reply to your review on our community platform. Since you have participated in the activity, they may have your contact details and can choose to get in touch with you to get more information. However, we do not publish contact details.

Customer Support

To lodge a complaint, complete the inquiry form and one of our Customer Service representatives will personally look into your concerns.

Your feedback is very important to us. We would highly appreciate it if you could go ahead and write a review on the tour and about the organizer. This will help us maintain good ratings about the organizer and hence make a genuine platform. You can also raise a support ticket for our team to investigate the matter & get back to you with a proper resolution. You may raise a support ticket by clicking here.

Kindly note that ExploreBees is an online booking platform where different tour organizers and service providers list their tour packages.

  • The execution of the tour is solely the responsibility of the organizer.
  • If you find an issue with service or anything on the tour, the tour organizer is the best one to resolve these issues. It is best to notify the tour organizer and deal with them directly.
  • If a resolution could not be found between the traveler and the tour operator, the platform needs to be notified. As a platform, we will investigate the matter and choose to take certain steps against the organizer in terms of decreasing their priority or rating on the platform and at times also delisting an operator from the platform.

In case if want to take the matter legally, you can do the same against the tour organizer and as a platform, we can support as and when required.

If you received an error message while purchasing a ticket, please describe the error, take a screenshot and send us a copy via email so we can investigate further. You can send us a message through the Contact Us page and we will begin work on resolving the issue as soon as possible for you.


Log in to your account, and select "Edit Profile" from the Account Settings menu. You can change your password from here.

If you have forgotten your password and unable to log in:

An elephant never forgets. For everyone else, there's password reset.

Click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. Enter either the email address Select Submit Check your inbox for a password reset email. Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password.

The username and password entered did not match the information we have stored in our database. Please make sure the information you entered is correct. Note that usernames and passwords are cases sensitive so make sure Caps Lock is turned off.

Check your username and password again. And again. Passwords are case sensitive; make sure your caps lock isn’t on. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password" link and type in your email address. We’ll then send you instructions on how to reset your password.

You can remove your profile by selecting the option ‘Profile’ which can be found in the dashboard, scroll down at the last you will find option to remove my account click on it, it will take you to new page read the terms and conditions and click on checkbox enter your account password for deleting your account.

*Please note that it’s only possible to remove your profile when you have no current active listings and active bookings. 

Click the <Sign out> link on the top right corner of the page and you’ll be logged out.

If you have lost access to the email account you use with your ExploreBees account, first try restoring access to your email account by contacting your email administrator, renewing your domain’s registration, or setting up another email server. If you have gone through these steps and cannot regain access to the email account, please contact our support team for help.

Email generally arrives quickly. If you haven’t received an email within a few minutes:

  • Make sure you’re checking the right email address.
  • Look in your spam folder for a message titled Password Reset. If you find the message there, you may want to add and to your email whitelist.
  • If your email client needs it, be sure you’ve actively checked for new mail.
  • If you still don’t have a reset email, contact our support team.


  • Check the strength of your password. ExploreBees offer a password strength analyzer, make sure to listen to its advice.
  • Choose a password that no one will easily guess or hack. Don't use a word or phrase of special importance to you—like a birthday or family member. That's the kind of information that can be discovered by someone doing a little digging. Also, do not use default passwords, as they are easily cracked. Some default passwords include passwordpassword1231234admin, and guest, among others. These can be found across the internet.
  • Don't use commonly used passwords such as 123456, the word "password," “qwerty”, “111111”, or a word like, “monkey”.
  • Do not share passwords. This is an open invitation to your online accounts, and it's often exploited to accomplish an online identity theft.
  • Make sure your password is long. It should be at least eight-to-10 characters long, and longer passwords are even more secure. Some sites or applications may limit the password length, however.
  • sn’t a Dictionary Word or Combination of Dictionary Words: Stay away from obvious dictionary words and combinations of dictionary words. Any word on its own is bad. Any combination of a few words, especially if they’re obvious, is also bad. For example, “house” is a terrible password. “Red House” is also very bad.
  • Don't use a solitary word in any language. Hackers have dictionary-based systems to crack these types of passwords. If you insist on using a word, misspell it as much as possible, or insert numbers for letters. For example, if you want to use the phrase “I love chocolate” you can change it to @1L0v3CH0c0L4t3!
  • Use at least one capital letter and one lowercase letter in your password. The capital and lowercase letters should not be grouped together. Mixing them up makes the password more difficult to predict. This kind of strategy might lead to "JeCaMiJe_" in the first example or "HouseOnSpooner#1500" in the second example.
  • Use different passwords for every account that you have.
  • Log off each time if using a public device or if people are around who can see your password.
  • Feel free to write down your passwords, but make sure they are not near your computer. Instead, put them in a secure location.
  • Avoid entering any password into a device when connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, such as at a coffee shop or airport.
  • Don't answer "yes" when prompted to save your password to a particular computer's browser. Instead, rely on a strong password committed to memory or stored in a dependable password management program. Norton Security stores your passwords securely and fills them in online in encrypted form.


Privacy Policy works best on Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or later), Firefox/Mozilla (Firefox 1.x or later) and Netscape (version 7.x or later).

Yes. Cookies help make us more responsive to your needs and allow us to tailor our site to your interests, giving you the ExploreBees experience you know and love.

If you do not have cookies enabled in your browser, you still have full access to all of the services on, but you might be asked to log in more than once during your visit.

ExploreBees works with most levels of your browser’s privacy settings, so your experience will not change.

We share contact information with third parties such as service providers who perform services on our behalf and as otherwise disclosed in our Privacy Policy.

This will happen only if you’re accessing our site using an old browser. Check with the certificate vendor for browser version compatibility, or switch to a newer browser.

We collect information about how you use the Services, including actions you take in your ExploreBees account, to efficiently and reliably provide the ExploreBees Services. We also use such information to improve our Services and develop new features, protect ExploreBees users, and, in some instances, promote the ExploreBees Services. For example, to provide the ExploreBees Service and help you prioritize your work, we analyze your usage activity to recommend content that you might find most relevant and important. To improve our Services, we collect information about how you interact with our Services to understand what features are most useful to you and improve them. To protect ExploreBees users, we analyze things like IP addresses, login history, and email and password changes to detect and respond to abusive behavior.

ExploreBees collects and processes your personal data using automated decision-making or machine learning technologies to provide, improve, protect, and promote ExploreBees Services. We use machine learning technology to make it easier for you to find, retrieve, organize, and prioritize Your Stuff, collaborate with those you work with most, and stay focused on your most important work. For example, we analyze your account activity and usage history to suggest content in your ExploreBees account that you might find most relevant, predict and auto-correct search queries to help you find what you’re looking for, and troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing with the ExploreBees Services.